15 February 2019

Technical Savvy and Dedication Makes Indore Cleanest in India

Indore has been elected India's cleanest city in 2018, among 4203 inspected cities. My congratulations to all who live Indore, among them our Indian team members!

Clean India Mission
In 2014, the Indian government launched the Swachh Bharat Mission (Clean India Mission) to enhance the nation's hygiene, waste management and sanitation. A "cleanest city" contest is part of the campaign, and Indore was number one in 2017 – and again in 2018! Now the city is hoping for a hat trick in 2019!

This achievement owes its success to the joint efforts of the Indore authorities and the two million inhabitants. These are the key factors:
  • Garbage collection: All garbage bins have been taken away. Instead there is door-to-door garbage collection every day. Garbage is collected from shops in the evening, and markets are cleaned at night.

    The garbage collection is performed efficiently with the help of specially designed software and GPS. It is supervised from a control room where the operators have direct contact with all truck drivers.

  • Garbage processing: Wet garbage is used for compost making. Robots sort the dry garbage in 27 categories. What cannot be sold to recycling is converted into fuels. This means that everything is taken care of, and no more dumpsites will be necessary.

  • Education: People have started carrying small dustbins in their cars to collect their garbage. Use of plastic is discouraged. Teachers and parents have educated children about the dangers of littering, and an eighth pledge has been added in the wedding rituals: and oath of cleanliness.

New gardens
The Indore inhabitants have not only received a cleaner environment. Around 100 acres of old dumpsites have also been reclaimed and transformed into gardens and woodlands that further enhance the city.

We have had a office in Indore for the last 10 years and during my many visits to the city I have seen continuous improvements. Indore shows how a combination of high technology and education can achieve stunning results, and I hope that many other cities will follow the example!

The video above is from India Times, and here are links that give further information:
India Today
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Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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