17 May 2018

New version of Kanban Task Manager for Outlook Workgroup Edition

Kanban Task Manager for Outlook logotype We have successfully released version 7 of the Kanban Task Manager for Outlook Workgroup edition. Among the new features we can find more views (in addition to the kanban board), a checklist option, time logging and default values. From version 7, the Workgroup edition also has automatic upgrades.

Outlook Add-in
The Workgroup edition of Kanban Task Manager for Outlook is an Outlook add-in that adds a kanban board to Outlook. It is intended for organizations and teams who cooperate on tasks and projects. Data and settings are shared via a database or a SharePoint site.

With Kanban Task Manager, the team members can manage their tasks together on a shared kanban board. New tasks are easily created and tagged with important info selected from dropdowns. E-mails can be converted into tasks with a ‘Convert’ button, so the team members can generate tasks for any e-mails related to a project. The task will be visible to all users who have Kanban Task Manager for Outlook installed.

Default Values
To make the task creation even quicker, the new version of Kanban Task Manager gives default values for some of the parameters that the tasks are tagged with. These values can of course be changed in the settings, and there is also an option to not use default values at all.

Simplifying the work
The developers have added a checklist feature to version 7 of Kanban Task Manager, to help users work more efficiently with tasks. When a task is complicated, users can make sure they don’t miss anything by adding a checklist to the task. The checklist can be managed from a details pane on the kanban board.

Supervise and control
The new version of Kanban Task Manager, gives more options for managers to control how the work with projects and tasks is proceeding. There are two new views, Daily Trend and Day Report, and we have also added a time logging feature.
Day Report image
When users register how much time they spend on a task, managers will have a good overview of the work process. Each time a team member works on a task, he/she can enter the time in minutes in the details pane. The total time will be automatically converted into hours, and the hours per task, phase and project can be studied in the Kanban Task Manager Excel reports. Upgrade icon Upgrade
If your organization is a subscriber to the Kanban Task Manager for Outlook Workgroup edition, you can upgrade your solution by downloading the setup file from the website.

Next time the upgrade process will be automatic. Users will receive an upgrade notification whenever we release a new version of Kanban Task Manager for Outlook. They just have to click on the ‘Upgrade’ button to upgrade the installation. All data and settings will be kept. Trial icon Trial and Subscription
If you and your team are looking for a solution to manage tasks and projects together, I would recommend you to try the Workgroup edition of Kanban Task Manager for Outlook. You can evaluate the solution for 30 days without any obligations. Our Support team is here to help you, whenever you need assistance during the evaluation period.

You can subscribe to Kanban Task Manager for Outlook on monthly or yearly basis. In case you have any questions regarding the subscription, you may contact me or my colleagues at the Sales department.

Dipti Francis
Executive Assistant Business Solutions

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