02 May 2018

Default Tags and New Views in New Kanban Task Manager Single

Kanban Task Manager for Outlook logotype Today, I am happy to announce the release of Kanban Task Manager Single V7. In the new version, we have added several new features which will help users to work more efficiently with their tasks and projects. The design of the kanban board has also been improved.

Outlook Add-ins
Kanban Task Manager is a solution that helps users manage tasks and projects on a virtual kanban board. It comes in two Outlook editions: Workgroup and Single. Kanban Task Manager Single is intended for one user, who wants an efficient method to manage professional and/or personal tasks. In the Single edition, the tasks cannot be shared.

The Workgroup edition is intended for a team, who wants to cooperate on tasks and projects. We will soon release a new version of Kanban Task Manager for Outlook too.

Checklist and Time Logging
The new version of Kanban Task Manager Single, has several good features. Two of them are the Checklist and the Time Logging. Both features can be managed in the Details pane to the right on the kanban board.

Checklist icon You can simplify work with complicated tasks by adding checklists to them. Check the box at each step you have completed as your work with the task proceeds. The task card on the kanban board will display the checklist count.

You can change the sequence of the checklist items by drag and drop. If you want to remove or delete a checklist, just drag it out of the Details pane.

Time Logging icon The time logging feature helps you keep track of the time you have spent on a particular task and is especially important for users who charge for their tasks. Each time you work on a task, enter the time in minutes in the details pane. The minutes will be added automatically, and the total time will be shown in hours. You can also study the time in the Excel reports.

Default Values
The new version of Kanban Task Manager Single, has default values for the task parameters, Start date, Due date, Project and Priority. You can change the default values in the settings or select Empty to not use default values at all. The ‘default value’ options are:
  • Start Date: the current date
  • Due Date: the current date plus one
  • Project: the first project in the list
  • Priority: Normal

New kanban views
We have added two more views in the new version of Kanban Task Manager: the Daily Trend and the Day Report. The Daily Trend displays the status of all tasks from the last 30 days in a line chart. The line chart is updated at each time a task is modified.
Daily Trend image
The Day Report shows the number of tasks that were created, open, closed, delayed and modified on the selected date.
Day Report image

Upgrade Upgrade icon If you are already using Kanban Task Manager Single, you are welcome to upgrade your solution. This upgrade will be the last time you download the setup file from the website. Next time the upgrade will be automatic.

From the next time, whenever we release a new version of Kanban Task Manager Single, you will get an update notification on your PC. You just have to click on the update button, and your installation will be updated. All your settings and tasks will be kept.

Trial and Subscription Trial icon If you are looking for a way to manage your tasks, I would recommend you to evaluate Kanban Task Manager Single. We provide a 30 days free trial of the full version. Don't you hesitate to contact our Support team if you should need any assistance.

You can subscribe to Kanban Task Manager Single, on monthly or yearly basis. In case you have any queries regarding the subscription, you may contact me or my colleagues at the Sales department.

Dipti Francis
Executive Assistant Business Solutions

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