21 February 2018

Fifth Edition Of "SharePoint Online From Scratch" Released

SharePoint Online from Scratch cover SharePoint Online develops very fast, and to keep up with Microsoft I have to update my book SharePoint Online from Scratch often. The book is intended for administrators who are new to SharePoint, so it is important that the book describes what they actually see on the screen!

Book and e-book in five editions
The first SharePoint Online from Scratch e-book was published on Amazon in March 2016. The first paperback edition came a month later, and after that there have been several updates. The new edition, published last week, is number 5 already!

Modern interface
Most of the latest update concerns the SharePoint modern interface, which is developing very fast. As Microsoft has promised to keep both the classic and the modern interface side by side, it has been important to me to show the differences and explain when each interface is to prefer.

Manual with progression
Microsoft has a lot of SharePoint instructions online, but they have no real course or manual with a progression. That makes it difficult for beginners, because how can you search for something when you don't even know that it exists? You have to know the possibilities and what things are called, before you can start looking for more information online.

That is where my book comes in. By explaining how SharePoint Online works and how everything is connected, I can give a good base for further exploration online. I also give examples on how you can use your knowledge to enhance typical business process, something that I hope will encourage readers to creative thinking when it comes to their own organizations.

Video tutorials
Variation is important in all learning, and to explain things in a different way I have added links to my own articles with video demonstrations in SharePoint Online from Scratch. I believe this combination of textbook and video is a good way to explain things.

SharePoint Online from Scratch is used in IT training courses, together with the articles. This combination, book + demos + teacher explanations, sounds perfect to me and will surely produce more SharePoint nerds like me!

Practical use
SharePoint Online from Scratch focuses on no-code, hands-on instructions and explanations on how to practically make use of a SharePoint tenant for collaboration within an organization.

But even if I have this practical approach, I also want SharePoint Online from Scratch to give a real understanding of why things are done the way they are. If you have that understanding, it will be easy to figure out how new SharePoint versions work.

E-book or paperback?
If you are interested in my book I recommend that you read more about SharePoint Online from Scratch on the website. There I have also gathered some reviews that I am very proud of.

The actual content of the e-book and paperback is the same, but if you buy the digital copy, you will have all images in color and clickable links to the articles.

The paperback of SharePoint Online from Scratch has 430 pages, so I decided to not use color here. That way I can still sell it at a reasonable price. In a hard copy you can give a better layout than in an e-book, which has to fit many formats, so in my opinion the paperback still looks better! And the paperback edition is actually selling even more than the e-book each month.

The best option is of course to buy both editions! If you buy the hard copy from first, you will be offered to buy the digital copy at a very low cost via the Amazon Kindle Matchbook offer.

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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