11 August 2017

SharePoint Automation In New Book

My books on SharePoint Online and Office 365 are popular, so I have been thinking about writing another one. If everything goes according to plan, my next book will describe different ways to automate processes in SharePoint.
Reiterated or neglected tasks
In all organizations there are tasks that need to be done repeatedly, and even more tasks that are never performed because they are tedious or because it is not cost-effective to have people doing them. That is where automation comes in, and in SharePoint there are several good methods you can use.

Automation platforms
The goal with my new book is to introduce and clarify the different automation platforms for SharePoint:
  • SharePoint 2010 Workflows
  • Microsoft FlowSharePoint 2013 Workflows
  • Microsoft Flow
  • PowerShell
  • Classic VBA automation with Excel and Access
SharePoint Workflows from Scratch will be available on Amazon as both paperbook and e-book, just like my other books.
All my books have links to pages with video demonstrations in the Tips section. These tips give an additional dimension to the learning process, and they are very appreciated by purchasers of my books. "I find the online tutorials very helpful in understanding and reinforcing key concepts.", as one of them wrote on Amazon.
Office 365 from Scratch cover SharePoint Online from Scratch cover SharePoint Online Exercises cover Excel 2016 from Scratch cover
We have recently hired more developers to meet the demand for new features in the products and the increasing requests for custom SharePoint solutions, so hopefully I will have time to write this book by the end of this year.

Until then, please contact us if you have comments or suggestions on the contents of SharePoint Workflows from Scratch.

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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