13 July 2017

Nature As Inspiration For Problem Solving

“If there is a problem, there must be a solution.” These words could be my own, but I am actually quoting another problem solver: Senior Developer Kapil Patel, who joined the team at the beginning of this year. Here he will tell you more about himself and what inspires him.

I read my first program flow chart when I was 12 years old, and it took me 12 more years to write production level code. That happened when I started my software engineer journey in 2013, in an IT start-up in Indore. Senior Developer Kapil Patel
Technical background
I am an engineering graduate in computer science stream from MIT, Indore. During my studies I learned basic logics and got hands on experience of software development. Among other things, I created a calculator application in VB.Net, and it helped me understand the complex coding that is hidden even behind a simple calculator app.

Before joining the team, I worked on different technologies, for example ASP.NET MVC, Win forms, JavaScript and some other open source technologies.

India is a big, beautiful country, and when possible I like to visit its various parts. The image above is from India Gate in Delhi, a memorial to the 82 000 Indian soldiers who died in the First World War. The image below is from Dona Paula Beach in Goa. Senior Developer Kapil Patel

Mother Nature
I always search for ways to be in the lap of Mother Nature. Therefore I am an active member of a group that makes day and night treks to dense forests. Recently I went on an adventurous night trek, and I enjoyed watching the midnight moon and walking alone in the forest to overcome my fear. Senior Developer Kapil Patel at camp fire

Hard work always pays!
Instead of just avoiding problems, I love to solve them. My attitude is “If there is a problem, there must be a solution”. I am thankful that I have had to face scary challenges. Even if I feel scared sometimes, I accept them and in the end they make me stronger.

When I have optimized a web based application used by thousands of people at the same time so that it works faster, I feel really proud. For such a task I have to make changes in the whole technology stack: JavaScript, SQL queries, database and database server.

SharePoint programming
Kanban TaskManager for SharePoint iconIn the team I got the opportunity to work with several interesting tasks. I added a few features to the SharePoint editions of Kanban Task Manager, where we recently released major updates.

I have also worked with a custom shopping cart for a US construction company. Here we used jQuery Mobile, SharePoint services and PowerShell scripts.

It’s a very good experience to be a developer. I get job satisfaction here, and I hope that I am performing as expected.

Kapil Patel
Sr. Software Engineer Business Solutions

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