11 July 2017

Customize And Share The SharePoint Kanban Board

Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint logotypeOur two SharePoint editions of Kanban Task Manager are used by organizations in many countries, and with all these users we of course get valuable input and enhancement suggestions. In the next version, we will implement a few good ideas that were first given to us by customers.

Rename Project and Lane
Kanban Task Manager is a solution for task management. As the work proceeds, the tasks are moved from the first phase, where the task is planned, to the actual work phases and then into the completed phase.

Often the tasks belong to a project, and in all earlier versions we have had a Project column where admins can enter the different projects that the team works with. But even if this is the most common user case, the term "Project" does not suit all organizations. Now it will be possible to change this caption in the Kanban Task Manager tasks list.

The tasks can be arranged in groups, which are shown on the kanban board as horizontal strips. So far these groups have been called "Lanes". With the new versions, organizations can choose the caption that is most suitable for each installation of Kanban Task Manager.

Keep the filter
The kanban board can be filtered by "project", responsible and/or priority. The filtering is done by each user, just like other SharePoint filtering, and currently it disappears when you refresh or restart the browser.

However, many users have a favorite filter, so in the next version of Kanban Task Manager we will make it easier for them and preserve the filter. This way, users no longer need to set the filter again when they have refreshed or restarted the browser.

Filtered view URL
Now when the kanban board filter is kept, you can also bookmark the filtered view and share its URL with other users who have access to the same Kanban Task Manager installation.

Every user can, for example, send a manager the path to a filtered view that shows only his/her own tasks. If this is done regularly, it is easy for the manager to track each team member's progress.

These are the three most important new features in next Kanban Task Manager update, and I hope to come back soon and tell you about the release!

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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