20 July 2017

10,000 Subscribers To The YouTube Channel!

YouTube iconYesterday the YouTube Channel reached 10,000 subscribers, which is very good for a specialized learning channel like ours. It centers around SharePoint and Outlook tips and products and has no music, no cute animals and very few funny jokes!

One million Solutions
TimeCard for Outlook We have found YouTube demos to be a good way of introducing and explaining our Outlook and SharePoint products. The manuals have an abundance of screenshots and give all details, but with video demonstrations SP Attach icon we can actually show how to do things.

Many users of our products are of course subscribing to the channel, but they are not the only ones.
Study Manager for SharePoint icon
Tips articles
Another group of YouTube demonstrations are tutorials about Microsoft Excel, Office 365 and SharePoint. Each of these demos Calendar Browser for SharePoint icon has a Tips article on the website, where you can get a description of the demonstration and more information about the subject.

KBase icon The Tips section started as an assistance to subscribers but has now grown to an important marketing channel. People who contact us for the first time often refer to the online tutorials.

Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint icon Books
I have written several books on my specialties: SharePoint, Office 365 and Excel. These books have links to the Tips articles with the YouTube demos, to give readers another angle HelpDesk OSP icon on what I describe in more detail in the books.

My books are popular, and they of course contribute to the high number of views for the channel: 2.5 million views right now. Templates Manager for SharePoint iconThe numerous comments to the demonstrations also show that people have actually studied and learned from them.

Team work
Folder HelpDesk icon Obviously the demos cover subjects that many need to know more about, and as SharePoint and Office are my special competencies I am happy to share my knowledge. Being an experienced lecturer, I also know how to organize the information in a good way so that it becomes easy to understand.
SP Archive icon
But I am not alone in the creation. My colleagues Bhupendra, Kate and Rituka have recorded some of the demos, and they also edit my demos before we publish them. Their work is very important for the result you see on YouTube.

ShareTask icon We will continue to publish demos and write Tips articles for the website. Welcome to have a look! Hopefully you will find a product you need or a tip you can make use of.

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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