11 May 2017

V6 Released After Five Years With Kanban Task Manager For Outlook

Kanban Task Manager logotype The two SharePoint editions of  Kanban Task Manage have recently been updated, and now the time has come to the Outlook edition for workgroups, Kanban Task Manager for Outlook. The responsible developer, Jitu Patidar, will tell you more about this update.
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When I joined the team in the spring of 2012, I came right into the development of our very first Kanban Task Manager product. It was intended for kanban style collaboration on tasks and projects in Outlook.

Five years of kanban development
Our color coded kanban board for Outlook became a success, and later we have also developed a single edition for Outlook and of course the two SharePoint editions. I have been included in all Kanban Task Manager development, but the two Outlook editions have been my responsibility for the last five years, so I know them quite well by now!

Design enhancements on the scene and behind it
Last time Peter came to visit us here in Indore, we discussed a prototype for a new design of the Kanban Task Manager kanban board. That first glimpse was promising, so we were excited to implement it.

When working with the new versions, we also wanted to make some major design changes at the SharePoint/database level, to improve the performance. While the new design is visible at the first glance, users will notice the better loading speed when they start working with the new version. I am sure they will be happy with both!

Share via database or SharePoint
Kanban Task Manager for Outlook offers three options for sharing of tasks and settings: an SQL Server or Access database or a SharePoint site. When the SharePoint option is selected, the Outlook edition can synchronize with one of the SharePoint editions, so that users can choose which edition to work with at each occasion.

Several subscribers use Kanban Task Manager that way. It is easy for users to feel at home in both editions, because we have used or built as much shared code as possible to give a similar user interface in all editions.

Team project
The spirit encourages cooperation, and I have had great help from my co-workers in the development of the new version of Kanban Task Manager for Outlook. Together we have solved many problems, but I think the most difficult one was to make the kanban board in Outlook work well in different resolutions.

Subscription icon Now our QA team has ensured me that everything works well, and I am glad we can offer subscribers to upgrade their installations without cost.

If you are new to Kanban Task Manager, you are welcome to try the Outlook edition for workgroups. We give free support to evaluators, as well as to subscribers, so my colleagues and I are always here to assist you if needed!

It has been a privilege to follow Kanban Task Manager from the first idea to an advanced product with many users all over the world, and I am sure that new ideas and technologies will keep me busy with Kanban Task Manager for many years to come!

Jitu Patidar
Senior Developer, Support Lead Business Solutions

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