24 May 2017

Space And Speed In New Outlook Kanban Add-in

Kanban Task Manager for Outlook logotypeToday I am happy to announce the release of Kanban Task Manager Single V6, the fourth edition of our popular kanban board product.

The single edition of Kanban Task Manager is intended for one-man businesses, consultants and anyone else who requires a way to visualize and keep track of projects and tasks but don't need to share their kanban board with others.

Outlook tasks
The Kanban Task Manager ribbon group in the Outlook mail viewOn a kanban board, task cards are moved between the phases of a project as work proceeds. In Kanban Task Manager we use the kanban board idea with Outlook tasks, so that you can see your tasks in Outlook and group them in various ways.

You can either  create new tasks directly on the kanban board or use the Convert button in the Outlook mail view to convert e-mails into tasks.

Space and speed
In Kanban Task Manager Single V6 we have redesigned the kanban board to give room for more tasks without scrolling, and we have also managed to speed up the loading of the Kanban Task Manager load tasks, views and settings. It was not slow before, but now it is really quick!

Features from organizational editions
As you might have seen in earlier blogposts, we have already updated the three workgroup editions of Kanban Task Manager, for Outlook and SharePoint. The single edition build on these and has the same features except those who are intended for sharing.

This means that Kanban Task Manager Single is more advanced than other products on the market that also build on the kanban board idea. We also give support and free upgrades to the single users, just like we do for organizations who subscribe to the workgroup editions.

Upgrade upgrade iconIf you already subscribe to Kanban Task Manager, I recommend you to upgrade your installation to get the enhanced kanban board and the faster performance. The upgrade is quick. Just download the .msi file and run it. The installer will find your earlier installation and upgrade it automatically. Refer to the Revisions page for a list of all the news in Kanban Task Manager Single V6.

Try it download iconDo you need to get an overview over your Outlook tasks and want to use the kanban  method to visualize the work process? In that case you are welcome to try Kanban Task Manager Single. There is plenty of documentation on our website, and should you still have questions I hope you will contact us.

Peter Kalmström,
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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