05 May 2017

New Kanban Task Manager Add-in With My Tasks Embed

Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint logotype Today I am happy to tell you that we have released a new version of Kanban Task Manager SharePoint Add-in. It has the same new design as the sandboxed solution, which was updated last week. The new add-in now also has a My Tasks embed code, which makes it possible to show the current user's tasks in any site page.

Kanban board and task cards
When Kanban Task Manager was first designed five years ago, we wanted the kanban board to look like a physical board with small pieces of paper for each task. The task cards even had pins that "held them" to the kanban board!

Eventually we of course got rid of the pins and adapted the design more to the Microsoft platforms we build Kanban Task Manager on: SharePoint and Outlook. The revision of all editions that we have undertaken in the beginning of this year, is a big step forward.

In our contacts with organizations that use Kanban Task Manager, we have understood that many of them would benefit from a design that shows more task cards on the screen, so by simplifying the look of each card we have been able to make them smaller without removing important information.

To give more vertical space and show more lanes without scrolling, we have moved the filter options to a left pane and the details screen to a right pane. Both panes also give other, new, options. And of course, the panes are only visible when you need them.

Welcome to have a look at the new design in the video version of the Kanban Task Manager SharePoint editions slideshow:

Systems design
We have not only enhanced the look of Kanban Task Manager. There are also important changes "behind the scene", changes that make Kanban Task Manager much faster than before. The settings and the various views open quickly, and new tasks are created in a wink and in more ways than earlier.

My Tasks in new model pages
Earlier versions of Kanban Task Manager SharePoint Add-in had an app part for the current user's open tasks, but now we have managed to give the add-in the same embed code as the sandboxed solution.
The Kanban Task Manager SharePoint Add-in My Tasks
This means that "My Tasks" can be shown not only in wiki pages but also in pages of the new model. The admin just needs to enter the app URL to the Site settings >HTML Field Security.

Upgrade upgrade iconCurrent users who downloaded their add-in from the web page are welcome to download the new version of Kanban Task Manager SharePoint Add-in from again. Organizations who downloaded from SharePoint Store will have a message once the add-in has been updated there. Free upgrades are included in all subscription levels.

Try download iconKanban Task Manager has a free trial period of 30 days and if you are interested in the SharePoint add-in you are welcome to download it from the website. If you prefer using SharePoint Store, you will have to wait until next week.

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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