31 May 2017

Kanban Task Manager Screen Efficiency

Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint logotype Kanban Task Manager, the product for tasks and projects visualization in SharePoint and Outlook, can be optimized to fit different requisites and screen sizes. In the first demo below I show some of the methods to adapt the kanban board.

The Kanban Task Manager SharePoint editions also have options for showing just "My Tasks" on any page, and our ShareTask app gives a user friendly interface in mobile devices.

The SharePoint editions of Kanban Task Manager runs in a browser, so each user can easily change the size of the kanban board by using the Control key together with the plus or minus key to zoom in and out.

In the latest versions of the single and organizational editions for Outlook, we have given the same possibility to use Ctrl + minus/plus to either see more tasks or zoom in on a few tasks only.

The SharePoint editions can also take advantage of the inbuilt SharePoint feature "Focus on Content" to hide the navigation and top banner.

Multiple columns and hidden completed phase
Administrators can set any phase on the kanban board to contain more than one column of task cards. Kanban Task Manager does not limit the number of columns you can have in one phase, so it can be decided for each installation.

Another way to have more room for task cards on the horizontal level is to hide one of the phases (or more) from the kanban board. Organizations often opt to hide the completed phase. The tasks are still kept in the tasks list, of course, so that they can be used in the Kanban Task Manager statistics.

These two features belong to Kanban Task Manager, so they are available in all editions, both for Outlook and SharePoint.

My Tasks
To give best possible interface to users who only need to see their own tasks, we have added a button for an embed code in the configure page of the Kanban Task Manager SharePoint editions. The code can be embedded in any page, and with the sandboxed edition "My Tasks" can even show tasks from all Kanban Task Manager installations in the farm or tenant.

ShareTask for SharePoint logotypeWhen users often manage their tasks in mobile devices, Kanban Task Manager can be combined with another product: ShareTask.

This mobile app gives users an interface that is adapted to small screens, and it is not only intended for Kanban Task Manager. It works with all lists built on the SharePoint Online Tasks or Issue Tracking template. The admin just has to activate the sandboxed solution on the list site, and then users can download their free apps to their Android, iOS or Windows devices.

Our Medium and Premium subscriptions give free access to both Kanban Task Manager and ShareTask, so for organizations who use SharePoint Online this is a valuable combination of products.

As you see there is a lot to be done to help users get an efficient screen for their tasks management, whether they are working on a kanban board or just handle their own tasks.

Peter Kalmström,
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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