09 September 2016

SharePoint Study Manager With New Embed Option

Study Manager for SharePoint logotypeStudy Manager, the SharePoint solution for teacher controlled self-studies, has come in a new version. We now give an embed code, so that the course can be embedded in any SharePoint page within the site collection.

Make SharePoint a learning platform
When you install Study Manager in a SharePoint site collection, you will have a learning platform that make it possible for teachers to add study material, for students to work with exercises and tasks and for both parties to study statistics on the learning process.

As much as possible, Study Manager takes advantage of existing SharePoint features. This makes the solution easy to learn for both teachers and students.

Study Manager is a very flexible solution. It can be used for any subject, for distance education or as a complement to traditional, teacher-controlled tuition.
Study Manager study group creation

Study group sites
When a teacher or administrator creates a new study group for Study Manager, the solution creates a dedicated site for that group. The study group site can be used for discussions, news, videos and other things that should be shared among the students in the group.

The students can reach the course content directly from the home page of the study group site, and there each student can see which exercises he or she has finished and which exercise is the next one to work with.
Study Manager study group home page

Embed the course
Do you want to have the course contents embedded on another page than the group site home page? That is no problem. The new version of Study Manager gives the embed code in the administration page, so you just have to copy it and paste it on the page where you want to show the course.
Study Manager embed dialog
Upgrade upgrade iconThe Study Manager upgrade process is a bit changed, due to changes in Microsoft's support for sandboxed code. Now you have to click on a Clean-up button in the administration page before deactivation of the old version. The new upgrade page shows the process clearly in a step-by-step instruction, so current subscribers will not have any problems to upgrade their Study Manager installations.

Try download iconStudy Manager has a free trial period of 30 days. If you need a way to formalize and structure self studies within your school or company, please download Study Manager and evaluate it! The team is here to assist you with any questions you might have.

Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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