24 August 2016

SharePoint Editions of Kanban Task Manager Updated

Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint logotypeToday I am happy to announce that the SharePoint editions of Kanban Task Manager have been updated.  The main reason for the updates was to overcome the Office 365 limitation for sandboxed solutions that Microsoft imposed on us a few weeks ago, but we have also added a new feature: thumbnail photos in the details pane.

SharePoint kanban board in two editions
With Kanban Task Manager workgroups can cooperate on tasks on a kanban board in SharePoint, and managers can easily move between different installations and have an overview over how work proceeds in different projects. As the tasks are color coded and dragged between phases during the work process, it is easy to discover blockers and bottlenecks and do something about them.

Kanban Task Manager comes in two SharePoint editions: an add-in, or app, which works on SharePoint 2013 and higher, and a sandboxed solution, which also supports SharePoint 2010.
Kanban Task Manager kanban board in SharePoint

Major change hardly visible
Because of Microsoft's decision to deprecate server-side code in sandboxed solutions, the developers have made major changes in the installation and upgrade processes of this edition. Earlier we kept a very small amount of server-side code, to make installs, uninstalls and upgrades simpler for administrators, but with this server-side code our sandboxed solutions can no longer be activated in Office 365.

The rebuild of the Kanban Task Manager sandboxed solution have taken some time, because major changes were needed, but for users the new processes are hardly visible. Only in the upgrade and uninstallation we have to bother admins with some more clicks, to make it possible to continue supporting Office 365.

Rebuild of all sandboxed solutions Templates Manager icon
A week ago we released a new version of Templates Manager that included the new processes for installation, upgrade and uninstallation, and now when Kanban Task Manager has been updated we are taking on Study Manager. TimeCard for SharePoint icon

After that comes the SharePoint versions of TimeCard and Calendar Browser, and then all sandboxed solutions are fit for new Office 365 installations again. Calendar Browser for SharePoint icon

Note that only new installations are affected by Microsoft's deprecation. All existing installations work without problems in Office 365 too.

Thumbnails in details pane
When you right click on a card in the Kanban Task Manager kanban view, you can see more text from the task subject and body in a details pane at the bottom of the screen. Now you can also have photos there, of the person who created the task and the person the task has been assigned to.

Kanban Task Manager fetches these thumbnails from the SharePoint profiles, so when the profiles have photos these will also be visible in the details pane.
Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint details pane on kanban board

This new feature is introduced in both SharePoint editions of Kanban Task Manager. Therefore the add-in edition has been updated too, even if there has been no change to its installation and upgrade processes.

Upgrade upgrade iconThe new sandboxed solution upgrade page shows the process clearly in a step-by-step instruction and in a demo, so I don't think current subscribers will have problems to upgrade their Kanban Task Manager installations.

However, if you are using Kanban Task Manager in many sites, the upgrade process might feel tedious. Please contact us in that case, because we can give you a PowerShell script that takes care of everything.

For add-in user the upgrade process is the same as before.

Try download iconThe SharePoint editions of Kanban Task Manager have a free trial period of 30 days. The sandboxed solution is downloaded from the website, and the add-in can also be downloaded from

The add-in can be downloaded from Microsoft's SharePoint Store as well, but then you may have to wait a few days for the latest version. As we don't control SharePoint Store ourselves we have to wait for Microsoft's review, but they are usually rather quick. (Note added 25 Aug: the add-in has now been updated on SharePoint Store too.)

Kanban Task Manager is one of our most popular products, so be sure, we will continue to develop it! Subscribers give many good suggestions, and being the one I am, I have a few ideas myself too!

Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions