26 July 2016

Sandboxed Solution Activation In Office 365 SharePoint

Office 365 logo This weekend Microsoft silently made a change in Office 365 that highly affects installation and upgrade of the SharePoint sandboxed solutions. Existing installations will work as before, but new installations cannot be activated in SharePoint Online. We have of course already begun re-building our products to solve the problem.

No activation
Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint iconIt has been important to us to keep SharePoint sandboxed solutions and not only offer apps/add-ins, because add-ins are not supported by SharePoint 2010 and lower. Developing sandboxed solutions is a common way to add features to SharePoint, but Microsoft has now made it impossible to activate most sandboxed solutions in SharePoint Online.

Templates Manager for SharePoint iconIn the long term we will go over to SharePoint add-ins, but we will not suddenly give up sandboxed solution because of this activation issue. By changing the way our sandboxed solutions are installed and upgraded, we can continue to offer a sandboxed solution that can be used also on SharePoint Online.

No problem for existing installations Study Manager icon Subscribers who use Office 365 SharePoint don't have to worry about their installations, because existing installations are not at all affected by the change.

Calendar Browser for SharePoint iconHowever, the workgroup subscriptions allow free upgrades and an unlimited number of installations within the organization, and from this weekend and until new versions have been published subscribers who use SharePoint Online cannot take advantage of these benefits. No new installations can be made and existing installations cannot be upgraded.

No Office 365 trials
Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint iconCurrently we cannot offer the normal 30 days trial of the sandboxes solutions for evaluators who are using Office 365 and SharePoint Online, as the activation will not work for them. We have added info about the issue on all download and upgrade pages for sandboxed solutions.

ShareTask iconWe already know how to solve this new problem with SharePoint Online, and we are now giving highest priority to update all products that are affected by the new limitation. You can see their icons in this blog post.

Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

16 August: Templates Manager updated

24 August: Kanban Task Manager updated

9 September: Study Manager updated

7 October: TimeCard updated

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