29 June 2016

100 % Online Education

SharePoint iconIn the middle of June I held a one week course in Stockholm on SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions. If all goes according to plan, that was my last lecture where I was actually standing eye to eye with my students, who are mostly IT-professionals. From now on I will focus on online teaching and books.

Rewarding student input
I have been teaching in periods from 1989, and since I left Skype in 2010 I have been able to meet the demand for my lectures to a higher extent than before. I like to teach, and I have found the student input very interesting and informative.

The on-premise teaching however has a drawback that has been increasingly troublesome: the travelling that has kept me away from my home and office for weeks and disturbed my engagement in the products and services. That is the reason I have decided to stop lecturing.

Tips section and YouTube channel
YouTube iconIn parallel with my teaching on advanced IT courses, I have recorded video demonstrations. They are published on the YouTube channel, and in the Tips section of the website, and they have proved very popular. I will certainly continue producing more such demos.

The YouTube channel has nearly 7000 subscribers when this is written. Even more people prefer the Tips section, where they not only find the demos but also step by step instructions and more info about the subject for the demo.
SharePoint Online from Scratch cover           Excel 2016 from Scratch cover
Since last year I have published two books in Kindle and paperback format: Excel 2016 from Scratch and SharePoint Online from Scratch. They have sold well, so it is evident that there is a demand for these kind of books that start with the very basics but also include information for advanced users.

It is my ambition to write more books, and the next ones will probably be about the SharePoint features Flow and Power Apps. They are both new Microsoft products, and so far there is very little documentation on them out there.
Kate Kalmstrom image             Rituka Rimza image
Clever assistants
I am not doing everything on my own. Valuable help is given by my mother Kate Kalmström and by Rituka Rimza at the office in Indore, India. They edit my demos and books and write the Tips pages, and without them none of it would have been as good as it is.

I look forward to concentrate more at the work I do from home, but I will still travel to meet customers and hold workshops when requested. These are part of the Services, and I surely don't want to miss them.

To stop lecturing has not been an easy decision, but now when it is taken I feel confident that sticking to online education will make my work with the SharePoint and Outlook products more focused and still satisfy my teaching vein!

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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