15 January 2016

Swedish Grammar For Windows Phone, Android and iOS

Learn Swedish on the bus, in the park, in the waiting room or whenever you have a few minutes. That is possible if you use Svensk grammatik, the grammar app that gives extensive guidelines for Swedish grammar, pronunciation and word formation, with examples and sound. The author, Kate Kalmström, will tell you more about it.  (Summary in Swedish below)

Kate Kalmstrom imageWhen I was a teacher for immigrants in Sweden I often made my own teaching aids for the students, and that eventually led to the publishing of several books. The work was an interesting and rewarding, and I got to know some admirable people among my students.

I am happy to continue supporting Swedish language education through the website Svensk grammatik och ordbildning and through our smartphone apps with rules for Swedish grammar. Now we have a new app for Windows Phone, and the apps for iOS and Android have been updated.

Svensk grammatik
The name of the app is Svensk grammatik, which means "Swedish grammar", but even if the focus is on the grammar this app also gives rules for Swedish word formation and pronunciation. The Swedish grammar is closely connected with Swedish pronunciation and word formation, so it comes naturally to give rules for all three in the same app.
Swedish Grammar App

When you understand the Swedish language rules you will also know how to use the words you have learned. The grammar rules tell you how to put them together, and the word formation rules help you understand and remember new words.

Grammar terms explained 
All the typical grammar terms are explained in detail in separate articles, but when used in other articles they are explained in pop-ups. This means that the explanations do not disturb students who are used to grammar terms, but if you don't understand a word like "noun", "subject" or "vowel" you can just press it to get a short sentence and some examples to help you remember.

Examples with sound
Loud speaker iconThe Swedish grammar rules are illustrated with examples, often with recorded sound. This way students will get a better understanding of how the rule works in Swedish sentences and phrases, and I hope they will listen to the recordings many times to acquire a set of "templates" for their own language building.

For students and teachers
Svensk grammatik includes the very basics of Swedish grammar, but as I wanted it to cover as much as possible of the Swedish language I also included advanced grammar rules and guidelines. This has obviously been appreciated not only by students but also by teachers, because Svensk grammatik is used by teachers and in the training of teachers.

The app is in Swedish, so you will find it most useful if you already know some Swedish. You can buy Svensk grammatik at Windows Store (Windows Phone), App Store (iPhone, iPad och iPod) or Google Play (Android). I hope you will find it useful!

Swedish flag
Swedish summary:
Tallstugans förlag har skapat en app som bygger på mina böcker och webbsajten Svensk grammatik och ordbildning. Här finns alla artiklarna och exemplen lätt tillgängliga i din smarta mobiltelefon eller surfplatta. Köp den här: Windows Store (Windows Phone), App Store (iPhone, iPad och iPod) Google Play (Android). Mer info om Svensk grammatik.

Kate Kalmström
CCO Business Solutions

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