15 December 2015

Create A Custom SharePoint Search Vertical

SharePoint iconMaybe they don't know what the term "search vertical" means, but most people know how to use one. In a new tutorial about SharePoint Search I show how to create your own search vertical in the SharePoint Search Center.

Filter search hits
SharePoint Online has four default search verticals, Everything, People, Conversations and Videos, but search verticals are not only used in SharePoint. They are common in all kinds of search engines, where they give users a possibility to only see hits of a specified type. Thus Google has five search verticals displayed and three more under 'More':
Google Search Verticals

Custom search vertical
You can add your own search vertical to a SharePoint Search Center, and in my Tips article I describe how to do it in step by step instructions and in two demos. The first demo just adds the new search vertical to the Search Center, and the results show up in the default Search Results Web Part.

Custom search results
Instead of using the Search Results Web Part in your search vertical you can replace the it with the Content Search web part, which has some interesting display templates you might find useful. I do that in my second demo about search verticals, and you can see the result in the image below.
SharePoint Search Vertical for Consultants

Search verticals can be used not only to find a certain kind of information. You can also use a search vertical to navigate among site collections, something I will come back to in a future blog post.

Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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