25 November 2015

Keep Track of Name Days for 2016

iNameDays has a little cheap app that is updated with new information each year: iNameDays. This app gives you name days in your standard calendar, where you have your other information, so with iNameDays you can delight relatives, friends and colleagues by remembering their name days.

iPod, iPad, iPhone
iNameDays support mobile devices with the iOS operating system, which means iPods, iPads and iPhones. You can buy it from the iTunes App Store for the reasonable cost of 0.99 US dollars.

No extra calendar
There are many name days apps on the market, but unlike the other apps iNameDays gives you the name days in the calendar you normally use. You don't have to open a separate calendar to see the name days.

13 countries
Name days are not celebrated in all countries, but so far iNameDays has the name days for 13 countries. For Swedish users we have also added the Swedish week numbers, which are commonly used when you plan time in Sweden.

App for consideration
iNameDays iconYou cannot build a company on a name days app, but I like iNameDays. The other Solutions make a difference for companies and organizations, while iNameDays reminds each individual of a cause for celebration.

iNameDays gives a reason to be extra kind to another earthling, so I find it a highly sympathetic app.

Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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