11 November 2015

Diwali - For Enlightenment And Victory Of The Good

Wednesday to Friday our Indian office is closed for the Diwali festival, a holiday that honors peace, enlightenment and the triumph of good over evil.

Universal wishes for a better world
Diwali is also called "The festival of lights". It is celebrated for five days, and each day has its specific ceremonies. It is India's most important holiday, but Diwali is celebrated in Hindu, Jain, Sikh and Zoroastrian communities all over the world.

Also people from other religions join the festivities, and in the U.S. President Obama lit a diya, a lamp, to show his support for the universal hope that marks Diwali: peace on earth and the victory of good forces over evil.

Rangoli and diyas at the office
The Indore staff has celebrated the first day of Diwali at the office, and the image to the right shows two team members, Neha Gupta Kaushal and Rituka Rimza, lighting diyas at a traditional floor painting, a rangoli.

The diyas symbolize the victory of light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance, something we all hope and strive for.

The rangoli is just for decoration, and such paintings can be created in offices, living rooms and courtyards to mark any festivity. Therefore our CEO Peter is met by a new rangoli each time he visits the Indore office. The team members often choose a peacock motif, as here, because the beautiful peacock is India's national bird.

Extra day off
Normally the Indore members of the team will be off for two days, but this year we wanted to give them three days. They have all worked hard during the last year with releases of totally new solutions like Study Manager and Templates Manager for SharePoint and new SharePoint versions of several more products. Now they will have a break for five days including the weekend.

Even if the Indore team gets a well earned break, we will not leave subscribers and evaluators of the Solutions unattended. The Swedish team members, Peter, Sigge and myself, will work as usual while the Indian team is celebrating, and if we need technical assistance our dedicated developers Jayant Rimza and Jitu Patidar will be available. We might not be as quick in answering as usual, but you are not forgotten!

Peter, Sigge and I wish a happy Diwali to our Indian colleagues, to our customers and to the great majority who believe that peace, understanding, kindness and tolerance will give a better world.

Kate Kalmström
CCO Business Solutions

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