07 October 2015

Selective Synchronization Between SharePoint And PC

Earlier this week I wrote about my OneDrive for Business tutorials and explained how each SharePoint user can become an administrator of his/her own powerful site collection with unlimited space and full SharePoint functionality.

In the last article and demo about OneDrive for Business I continue on the same subject and explain the advantages of using multiple SharePoint document libraries and synchronize them to computers in a selective way.

Library limitations
If you upload more than 20 000 files in a document library, the OneDrive for Business Windows desktop application refuses to synchronize. But you should not have that many items anyway, because they cannot be shown in one view.
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SharePoint 2013 has a recommended limit of 5000 items for a view, and in both SharePoint and OneDrive for Business you will see bugs and problems arise once this limit has been broken. The solution is of course to create multiple document libraries instead of storing everything in one library.

Multiple libraries with all SharePoint features
When you create multiple document libraries in the MySite site collection, you will discover that even though the default library has functionality limitations, your new libraries will have all the features of other SharePoint libraries.

The item limitation of SharePoint and OneDrive for Business libraries is a good reason to create multiple libraries. Another reason is that you have a better flexibility when it comes to sharing and synchronizing libraries.

Selective sync
When you have multiple libraries in MySite, you can choose to share or sync only some of them and use the rest as your personal storage.

With multiple libraries on a team site, you can set permissions on library level. Each user can also decide what libraries to synchronize and doesn't have to burden his/her computer with unnecessary files.

One library per customer offers free-standing support and consulting, and most organizations who take advantage of this possibility need help with SharePoint. One of them is a small consulting agency, and on my suggestion they have created one document library for each of their around 100 customers. Then consultants only need to synchronize the document libraries for the customers they work with to their computers.

The managers and consultants are happy with this selective synchronization, and work runs smoothly with the help of SharePoint and OneDrive for Business!

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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