03 September 2015

Free Excel 2016 E-Book

Excel 2016 from Scratch coverIn July I told you about the e-book Excel 2016 from Scratch, which builds on the Tips series with the same name. Today we offer the e-book for free, to celebrate that Excel 2016 from Scratch is now also available in a print edition.

Books + demos + exercises
The e-book Excel 2016 from Scratch has links to Excel 2016 Tips articles with video demonstrations and downloadable exercises.

Clickable links in paper books is something that does not exist – yet – but I have chosen to keep the links in the printed version of Excel 2016 from Scratch. The paths to the articles are logical and easy to type in, and of course book readers too will benefit from the downloadable exercises.

For new beginners and experienced users
The first section of Excel 2016 from Scratch is very basic, but later chapters are more advanced and is interesting for more experienced users too. Excel is mostly used for calculation and visualization, but I also show examples on other areas where Excel might be beneficial.

Release later this year
Excel is included in Microsoft Office, and version 2016 will not be released until later this year. I used a preview version when I created the books and the demos, because I wanted to use the very latest. However, you can study Excel 2016 from Scratch even if you have an earlier version of Excel. There have been only minor changes in the user interface.

Free today!
If you buy Excel 2016 from Scratch today, you don't have to pay anything for it! As we are using Amazon, the offer is valid from midnight to midnight PST, which is UTC -8. This means that the campaign started today at nine o'clock CEST.

Take the chance to be an Excel Master at no investment at all – except for your own time and energy, of course! But believe me, Excel is fascinating! Once you have realized the possibilities of Excel, you will be eager to learn more, and the studies will be a joy!

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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