02 July 2015

TimeCard for SharePoint Goes Mobile

TimeCard for SharePoint logotypeWith TimeCard for SharePoint you can report working hours directly from the SharePoint calendar where you plan your time. Now we will soon release a mobile app for TimeCard, so that you don’t have to open your PC to add and edit events that should be reported. Instead you can do that in your smartphone.

The responsible developer, Madhur Trivedi, will tell you more about TimeCard for SharePoint Mobile.
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Smaller devices
Computing is moving towards smaller devices, and the market for mobile applications is booming. People are looking for a mobile app for every application they use on a PC (online or offline).

Keeping up with the latest trends, is soon coming with a mobile app for our solution TimeCard for SharePoint. The app will support three popular mobile platforms, Windows Phone, iOS and Android, and it will be called TimeCard for SharePoint Mobile, with TimeCard Mobile as the short form.

Do all this with TimeCard Mobile
In the first released version of TimeCard for SharePoint Mobile, we are offering the following features:
  • Tag events with the tag values from your Personal settings on the SharePoint site (like Customer, Project or Task). TimeCard Mobile events list
  • View events list.
  • Filter the events list based on week, month or date.
  • Add a new event on a particular date with the following information: title, start date, end date, location and description.
  • Delete events.
  • Edit events. Also events (recurring or none recurring) that were previously added directly in SharePoint can be edited.
Application flow
TimeCard Mobile logotypeTo use TimeCard  for SharePoint Mobile you must be added to your organization’s TimeCard for SharePoint installation. When TimeCard Mobile is started the first time, the app asks you to enter the URL to the SharePoint site where TimeCard is installed. After successful authentication, you will be taken to the app’s events page, where you can see today’s pre-scheduled events.

TimeCard Mobile events list
The events page has three views: Day view, Week view and Month view. The Day view shows events on a selected date (default date is today), the Week view shows events on a particular week (default is the current week) and the Month view shows events in a selected month (default is the current month).

Each event has buttons for Edit and Delete., and you can easily navigate back and forth in the app while filtering events and performing Add, Edit and Delete event operations.

TimeCard Mobile is developed on top of Cordova, which is a hybrid mobile application development framework. Popular web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery and an MVC framework AngularJs have been used in this Single page application, which was created in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 IDE.

The development of TimeCard Mobile has been interesting, and it has been a pleasure to cooperate with our JavaScript expert, Senior Developer Sharad Verma, on this project. I hope we soon can release our new app. I am sure all TimeCard for SharePoint users will appreciate TimeCard Mobile!

Madhur Trivedi
Mobile App Developer Business Solutions

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