06 July 2015

Resource Booking Solution for SharePoint Released

Calendar Browser for SharePoint logoIt is with great pleasure I announce the release of
Calendar Browser for SharePoint, a Solution for resource booking.

SharePoint version requested
Calendar Browser helps you to create and manage bookings for all kinds of company resources. The Outlook version of Calendar Browser was first developed 15 years ago, and today this add-on is used by organizations worldwide. In the last years many have asked for a SharePoint version of Calendar Browser, which can be reached from anywhere over the Internet.

Well-known platform
The main Calendar Browser feature is of course the possibility to book resources without having to use a separate software. When you are already familiar with SharePoint, it is very easy to learn how to book resources with Calendar Browser.
SharePoint icon
Even users who don't know SharePoint will soon understand the idea, because almost everyone knows how to use a calendar – and that is what you do when you book a resource in Calendar Browser!

Each resource has its own calendar, and when you want to use a resource you simply add an event for the time period you need in the calendar of that resource.

The Calendar Browser extras
Even if Calendar Browser for SharePoint uses as much standard SharePoint features as possible, we have created a custom calendar view that gives a good, colorful view of the resource calendars.

But Calendar Browser is much more than resource calendars gathered on a SharePoint page. The solution gives users a possibility to add supplies to their bookings and to tie each booking to a project or other parameter.

Calendar Browser also prevents double bookings, and it has an Overview that shows resource reservations and supply bookings in various printable views and reports.

Benefit from the SharePoint integration
Calendar Browser is fully integrated in SharePoint, and we have developed Calendar Browser to take advantage of the SharePoint structure and features.

Calendar Browser is a sandboxed solution that is deployed at site level and can be used on any SharePoint site. All editions of SharePoint 2010, 2013 and Office 365 SharePoint are supported.

Team work
It is a privilege to have a dynamic and bright team that can transform my design ideas into an operational software solution. The developers Arpeet Gujarathi, Rahul Somani and Sharad Verma have been building most of Calendar Browser for SharePoint, under the guidance of Lead Developer Jayant Rimza.
  Arpeet Gujarathi image    Rahul Somani image    Sharad Verma image

"Working with Calendar Browser for SharePoint was a challenge, because we had to make many features work smoothly together, which required special attention", says Arpeet about the development. "We must consider how large organizations are managed, and this has widened my horizon."

Calendar Browser for SharePoint was Rahul's first Solution, as he joined the team as late as in January: "To develop Calendar Browser we had to think way out of the box", he declares. "When Jayant introduced me to the solution I thought about my earlier organization and their bottlenecks with resource booking.

This project helped me get to know some great colleagues, and I really enjoy the cheerful working environment. I also discovered that the developers always were prepared to walk that extra mile to achieve the best solution, even if it took a bit longer to build."

Try Calendar Browser for SharePoint! download iconI hope you want to try the latest solution, a SharePoint solution for resource booking. You are welcome to download Calendar Browser for SharePoint and evaluate it for 30 days.

On the website you can find a slideshow for a first presentation of Calendar Browser for SharePoint, and for more detailed information we offer video demonstrations and Admin and User manuals.

With the help of that documentation I hope you will find it easy to set up and try Calendar Browser on your SharePoint site, but remember that the support team is here to assist you if you have questions.

Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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