17 July 2015

Excel 2016 e-Book Published

Excel 2016 from Scratch cover Yesterday evening I finally published my first book: Excel 2016 from Scratch, an e-book built on my Tips series with the same name.

MS Trainer
I am a Microsoft certified Trainer and I have been teaching on advanced IT courses ever since I left Skype in 2010.

During these five years I have also created a lot of video demonstrations and other teaching materials, so it is a logical step to now also publish a book.

Book with demos and exercises
The e-book Excel 2016 from Scratch builds on the tutorial series with the same name, so the book has links to Excel 2016 Tips articles with video demonstrations and downloadable exercises.

I hope that the combination of book, demos and exercises will make the learning both efficient and entertaining.

From basic to advanced
Excel 2016 from Scratch starts from the very beginning, so that you can follow this course even if you never have used Excel before. If you know the basics of Excel already, just skim through the first chapter and start reading more thoroughly when you find something that is new to you.

Calculation and visualization
Excel 2016 from Scratch covers several areas where Excel is useful, but focus is on calculation and data visualization, where Excel really shines. I explain how formulas are designed and how Excel can help you creating the correct formula for each calculation, and I show how data can be visualized in many different ways.

For earlier Excel versions too
Microsoft has not made any dramatic changes in Excel 2016 user interface or features, so even if I call my tutorial series Excel 2016 from Scratch, it can be used for earlier versions of Excel. When I write this Excel 2016 has not even been published, so I used a preview version for my video recordings and screenshots.
Kate Kalmstrom image           Rituka Rimza image

Team work
Excel 2016 from Scratch is not only my own creation. Two other members of the team, Kate Kalmström and Rituka Rimza, have made major contributions.

Both Rituka and Kate have edited my video demonstrations and created the articles in the Tips section, and they have also enhanced the book.

Kate was a teacher for many years before she joined, and she has also written school books of her own. Therefore she could help me arrange the text in the most pedagogic way,

After that Rituka proofread the text and pointed out where the wording could be made clearer and easier to understand.Vijayant Rimza image

I am grateful to the dedicated work of Kate and Rituka, and I also want to thank Vijayant Rimza, who designed and created the winning cover for the book.

Creating an e-book was enjoyable and interesting, and I hope Excel 2016 from Scratch will be useful to many. Being the one I am, I have plans for the next book already, but that is something I will tell you about in another blog post.

Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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