03 June 2015

Swedish Companies Follow To India

A few days ago I wrote about the Indian state visit to Sweden. Today the Indian President is leaving our country after a very successful visit. "It is a milestone", said the Swedish Prime Minister, and I share his joy together with my Indian colleagues.

The most important part of the Indian President Pranab Mukherjee's visit to Sweden was the meeting with the Swedish Prime minister Stefan Löfven. Yesterday the two leaders met, and as you see from the photo below they were both happy with the meeting. Stefan Löven declared that he has high hopes for the Swedish relations with India.

The Indian President and the Swedish Prime Minister signed a number of memoranda of understanding. The agreements include sustainable urban development, medical research and business opportunities for small and medium businesses. Stefan Löfven described the meeting as a milestone in relations between Sweden and India.

Indian President meets Swedish Prime Minister

"We have had a very long relationship with India", explained the Swedish Prime Minister. "Indians appreciate that we were very early to recognize India and establish diplomatic relations. We already have an ongoing cooperation in research, health and sustainable communities, which we will now build stronger." has been in India for ten years. Of course there were some difficulties in the beginning, but it has always been interesting and never boring.

Nowadays the company and the Indian branch are well established. The cooperation between the Swedish and Indian teams runs smoothly, our business is expanding and there have been many, many good laughs like the one in the image above!

Below I am together with some of the Indian team members at a celebration in the Indore office. Note that the clocks on the wall show Indian and Swedish time!
Peter Kalmstrom at Indore office

So far we have been rather unique among Swedish family businesses to invest in India, but according to the Swedish Minister of Enterprise, Mikael Damberg, more companies will be following our example.

"For many years a number of major Swedish companies has existed in India, but as the country is developing rapidly we see that more small and medium-sized companies invest in India. Many exciting new companies see opportunities in India", he declared when meeting the Indian President.

It has been an inspiring state visit from the worlds largest democracy, and I hope all good intentions will be beneficial for Indians as well as for Swedes.

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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