16 June 2015

SharePoint Resource Booking in Upcoming Release

Calendar Browser for SharePoint logo Calendar Browser for SharePoint is the next Solution. Today I can show you the slideshow presentation of our new SharePoint Solution for resource booking.

Calendar Browser: Create an event = Book a resource
Calendar Browser is fully integrated into SharePoint. Its features allow you to book resources, such as meeting rooms and audio-visual equipment. For example, you can identify the available resources and book a conference room when you plan a conference. This solution lets you create and manage bookings for any kind of company resources.

Calendar Browser is deployed at site level and can be used on any SharePoint site. It is a Sandboxed SharePoint Solution that should be uploaded to a SharePoint solution gallery and activated there and on each site in the collection where it should be used.

Calendar Browser is intended for
  • Resource reservations
  • Meeting planning
  • Equipment booking
  • Scheduling
  • Overview (month, week, day)
  • Use of custom colors for project or similar

Calendar Browser for SharePoint Month view

Calendar Browser for SharePoint provides multiple resource booking facilities. You can configure and describe the available resources, guard against double bookings and also use recurring resource reservations.

Color coding in Calendar Browser
You can use different colors for projects in Calendar Browser, which will help you to differentiate all the projects. If “project” is not a good parameter for your organization, you can rename it to something more suitable. Visualizing is everything!

More Calendar Browser features
  • Edit, delete or create new resources with a few mouse clicks.
  • WYSIWYG Html editor for resource descriptions. URL descriptions also possible.
  • Users search resources, see descriptions of them and book directly ‒ all in the same SharePoint page.

Calendar Browser for SharePoint will be a Gold Solution, just like the Outlook version of Calendar Browser. Now we will finish the documentation work and make sure Calendar Browser for SharePoint works smoothly in all user cases. We hope to release our new Solution in a few weeks, and after that you can start booking resources on your team site!

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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