02 June 2015

SharePoint News Aggregator Web Part

SharePoint logo The team does not only develop standard solutions. When time allows we also create custom solutions, and those are often SharePoint enhancements. Today I will tell you about a recent project that we call SharePoint News Aggregator.

Collect news on one page
The idea of a News Aggregator first came from our partner GDM. One of their customers needed a possibility to see what was published in the SharePoint farm without going from one site to another and search for information. We quickly agreed on the development of a SharePoint web part that collects news and announcements from a whole farm or tenancy on one page.

Sandboxed solution
We created News Aggregator as a sandboxed solution, which is uploaded to the root site of each site collection and activated there. When that is done, News Aggregator can be added to any page in the same way as you add other SharePoint web parts.
SharePoint News Aggregator add URLs

Add URLs
When the URLs to Announcements and other lists in the farm or tenancy have been added to the web part, News Aggregator is ready for use.

The collapsed list of announcements and other news items shows the headings of all items, and when you expand a heading you can read the body text. Click on the body text, and you will be navigated to the actual item.
SharePoint News Aggregator

Variation for developers
Custom solutions like News Aggregator give a change to our developers and testers. They know the Solutions very well and are continuously working to enhance them. However, custom solutions give variation and an extra challenge, in the same way as brand new Solutions do.
Arpeet Gujarathi photo
First responsibility
News Aggregator was a relatively small project, so I decided to give the responsibility to one of our younger developers, Arpeet Gujarathi. It turned out very well. Arpeet transformed my design ideas into a solution that both we and the customer are satisfied with.

Study Manager for SharePoint logotype Arpeet participated in the development of Study Manager, our recently published learning platform for SharePoint. He did a good job there, so I found him ready to take on the responsibility for a new development.

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Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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