19 May 2015

Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint V4 Under Development

Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint logotypeThe SharePoint version of Kanban Task Manager is one of our most popular solutions with many users all over the world. Therefore it feels extra satisfying to announce that the development of version 4 has begun. The new version will have several useful features.

Use with existing tasks
Evaluators often ask if they can use Kanban Task Manager with their existing SharePoint tasks, but so far it has not been possible unless you want to do a lot of cutting and pasting. In version 4 we will make it easy, and I am sure this enhancement will be appreciated by evaluators and new users.

Responsible enhancements
The kanban method means that you enter task on cards – in this case virtual cards – and as the work proceeds you move the cards to different phases in the process.

Each task/card has a responsible person assigned, and in the next version of Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint the user who creates a task will also be the default responsible for it. Should you want to select another responsible, that person can be picked directly from the SharePoint Contacts or Global Address List.

Standard fields
SharePoint already has the standard fields "Assigned To" and "Status", which are similar to the Kanban Task Manager fields "Responsible" and "Phase". To give less fields in the task form, the standard fields will be default in new installations of version 4 and our added fields "Responsible and "Phase" will be hidden.

Of course the "Responsible" and "Phase" fields can still be shown to those organizations who prefer them, and all current users of Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint can continue using them as well.

Excel reports
Statistics iconThe Outlook versions of Kanban Task Manager, for workgroups and single users, already have a possibility to  generate Excel reports on the tasks and project management. Now we will give this option to see statistics on the task data to SharePoint users too.

The new version will take 2-3 months to finish, but I will keep you posted. As usual upgrades are free for subscribers, so all users will be able to take advantage of the enhancements we are working on.

Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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