12 May 2015

Excel 2016 In New YouTube Channel

Our new Tips series Excel 2016 from Scratch now has its own YouTube channel. It is the first channel with a regular course, from basics to advanced, and I hope you want to subscribe to the brand new channel " Excel 2016", read our Tips articles and download and try the exercises I use in the demos! Excel 2016 YouTube channel
Excel 2016 Preview
Excel 2016 has not yet been released, so I have used the Preview version for the demos. I wanted to use the latest possible version for my Excel course, but you can follow it even if you have an earlier version. Some things are different, but from a user perspective there are no dramatic changes.

Excel articles
I wrote about the new Excel 2016 from Scratch series when I had just started recording the demos. After that I recorded many more, so right now they are 67! Two other team members, my mother Kate and Rituka Rimza, have edited the demos and written articles about them for the Tips section. banner

This means that each Excel 2016 demo has its own article with information about the content, and the best way to study the course is actually to follow the order suggested in the Tips section. Each article has an arrow pointing to the next article.

When you are used to working with Excel, you might not want to go through the whole course. Instead you can use the Excel 2016 Overview page, where the articles are grouped after content.

Excel 2016 iconExcel calculation and visualization
The main focus in Excel 2016 from Scratch is on the two areas where Excel really shines: calculation and data visualization. I don't just show formulas but explain how they are built, from common addition formulas to much more advanced calculations.

When Excel has calculated your data, you want to show the result in a way that is easy to grasp. Here Excel gives many options, so there is always an alternative that suits the current data.

Excel exercises
In my demos I use a lot of different examples to illustrate how Excel works, and these files can be downloaded from the Tips section. If you are new to Excel, I strongly recommend you to download them and try the exercises for yourself. Excel exercise

The main YouTube channel has a varied content and nearly 5000 subscribers. The Excel 2016 channel is more specialized and will probably not reach those levels, but it feels good to be able to offer all who are curious about Excel a separate channel for Excel 2016 from Scratch. As usual I welcome and answer all comments!

Addition, October 2015: We can now also offer Excel 2016 from Scratch as book and e-book.

Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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