28 April 2015

SharePoint File Versions - Download All With PowerShell Script

SharePoint iconRecently a subscriber to a Solution asked us how to download all file versions from a SharePoint document library. Our Lead Developer, Jayant Rimza, sent the customer a PowerShell script and instructions on how to use it.

We decided to give the same assistance to all visitors by creating a Tips article from Jayant's instructions. Here he will tell you some more about SharePoint versioning, PowerShell and the script that downloads all versions:

SharePoint versioning Jayant Rimza photo
SharePoint can be set to store earlier versions of list items and documents. This is very useful when several people work on the same project or when information often is changed.

Versioning is available for all kinds of SharePoint lists and libraries, and there are several different options for how it should work, for example how many versions should be saved.

Microsoft can give much more information about SharePoint versioning:
Versioning in document libraries

PowerShell script
PowerShell is a task automation framework from Microsoft that is very good to use with SharePoint. With a PowerShell script you can quickly download all file versions from a SharePoint document library, and I am sharing such a script in the Tips article about downloading file versions from SharePoint.

Part of PowerShell script

More info
PowerShell iconI give the code with explanations in the article, and I recommend you to study them before you download the PowerShell script and change the site URL and the document library name in the code to your own details.

If you are new to PowerShell, I advise you to also study Microsoft's information on how to use PowerShell with SharePoint.

I hope you will find my Tips article useful! And while you are there, why not take a look at the other articles too? Under the PowerShell entry you can find articles about moving files into SharePoint that also might be interesting.

Jayant Rimza
Lead Developer Business Solutions

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