24 April 2015

Send Links, Not Attachments - SP Attach Released

SP Attach for SharePoint logotype Today I am happy to announce the release of a new Solution: SP Attach. We have created SP Attach to make it easier to send SharePoint links instead of e-mail attachments when sharing files.

Here the responsible developer, Ankit Raghuvanshi, will tell you more about SP Attach:
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Peter Kalmström, the System Designer of SP Attach, has given a good introduction to SP Attach in an earlier blog post: Replace Outlook Attachments with SharePoint links. If you have read it, I am sure you understand why I was impressed when I first heard about Peter's idea to upload attachments to SharePoint document libraries through the Outlook mail. I was happy to take on the responsibility for developing SP Attach from scratch, and it has been an interesting and challenging task that has given me many new insights.

Responsive design
All the SP Attach design is developed in HTML5 and JavaScript. These modern techniques makes the dialogs adapt well to different devices and screen sizes, and we use them as much as possible in the Solutions.

I learned a lot by trying different possibilities to enhance the SP Attach performance, and it was also a great experience to play with Outlook COM objects. My senior developers Jitu Patidar and Jayant Rimza supported me with valuable suggestions and ideas.

More info
Please watch the slideshow demo below to learn more about how SP Attach can make document sharing and management more efficient and secure within your organization. You are also welcome to contact me with any questions about SP Attach.

Try SP Attach download iconDoes your organization use SharePoint? Do you want to share files in document libraries instead of sending them as attachment? Make sure this is really done by using an Outlook add-on that takes care of the upload and link copying process.

To really get this working all in the organization should of course use SP Attach , but that will not be a problem. The subscription covers an unlimited number of installations and users within the subscribing organization.

You are welcome to download and try SP Attach. We allow a 30 days trial of the full version of SP Attach, and I am sure you will like it!

By Ankit Raghuvanshi
Software Developer Business Solutions

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