16 April 2015

Outlook Knowledge Base Gives The Answer

KBase logotype "How did we solve this problem last time?" Do you often ask yourself or your colleagues that question? In that case you need KBase! Today the knowledge base has been updated with refined handling of images and attachments that are published from the Outlook knowledge base to a website.

Time = money
If you have no straightforward way to document how tricky problems were solved, the team has to spend valuable time on trying to come up with the solution again. With a knowledge base you only have to "invent the wheel" once. Instead you can spend time on more valuable tasks, and if you have people waiting for an answer they will be grateful that you are quick.

Share KBase articles
The KBase articles are shared inside Outlook via SharePoint or via an Access or SQL Server database. You can also publish the articles to a website or to Excel or see them in SharePoint. This way all users can have the knowledge base at hand and if allowed also edit or update it.

Categories, types and custom fields
When you create a KBase article you can select its category and type from dropdowns, and if you need another dropdown, or a Yes/No box, you can create it without coding. Just write a name for it in the KBase settings, and it will be created for you.

From helpdesk ticket to KBase article
Folder HelpDesk logo Most subscribers to Folder HelpDesk, the issue tracking solution for Outook, also use KBase. With Folder HelpDesk you don't even have to write or paste info into the article. Instead you can just click on a button before you close a case, and the helpdesk ticket will be converted into a KBase article.

As both KBase and Folder HelpDesk are integrated in Outlook, users appreciate that the process is streamlined, and that they have both solved and unsolved cases near at hand. However, other organizations subscribe to KBase alone, because this knowledge base is versatile and has a wide range of uses. upgrade icon
I recommend current subscribers to upgrade your installations. The upgrade is free for all subscribers, whether you use KBase stand-alone or with Folder HelpDesk. download iconIf you have not tried KBase yet you are welcome to download KBase the add-on and evaluate it for 30 days. The team is here to answer any questions you might have!

Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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