07 April 2015

Men Are On YouTube, Women Are On Pinterest

We are studying the statistics from the pages on social media with great interest. Most intriguing is of course how many people who see our updates, but there is a lot more information to be fetched. My mother Kate will tell you about a strange phenomenon we have found.Kate Kalmstrom image

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus
If you are not too young, I think you remember the book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus from the 1990th. It became very popular, but also criticized for describing the genders in stereotypes.

The author of the book, John Gray, claims that men and women are so fundamentally different that it seems they come from different planets. In most cases I would disagree, but I cannot YouTube icon explain the difference in audience between followers on YouTube and Pinterest.

Pinterest iconIn March 2015, 75% of all who watched our video demonstrations on Pinterest were women and only 25% were men, while 85% of the YouTube visitors were men and only 15% were women! And it is the same for earlier months, so this is not something temporary.

SharePoint demos
I am aware that Pinterest is more used by women and YouTube more by men, but the differences are not at all as sensational as the figures indicate. Even more astonishing is that we have the same content published on both platforms – so differences in content is not the explanation.
Kanban Task Manager icon
Most popular on Pinterest as well as on YouTube are our SharePoint tutorials, also found in the Tips section. The recently updated product demonstrations for  the workgroup and single versions of Kanban Task Manager and TimeCard have attracted many visitors in both media.
TimeCard icon
There is however one significant difference: Pinterest visitors show more interest in our videos with Swedish nature and music. Is that because they are women? I am not sure. I am a woman, and I like it, but I know many men who like nature and music too. I don't think this is a gender issue.

Please comment, if you have an explanation to the differences I have described - the same content, different visitor gender.  In any case this shows how important it is to be present on various social media, to reach as many as possible.
Kate Kalmström
CCO Business Solutions

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