02 April 2015

Experienced Mobile App Developer Expands Portfolio

Today I have the pleasure of introducing a new member of the team: Mobile App Developer Madhur Trivedi.

Madhur’s first task was to create a Search tool for the FAQ and Tips pages. I am sure many of you have used it already and found it much easier to find the article you needed.

TimeCard for SharePoint logotypeCurrently Madhur is developing a mobile app for the SharePoint version of TimeCard, our time tracking solution for SharePoint calendars. The TimeCard app is not finished yet, but Madhur and the rest of the team are doing steady progress and we hope to soon be able to release the app. In the meantime, read about Madhur Trivedi, who has had an interesting upbringing!

Madhur Trivedi photoProfessional front
When I had earned my Bachelor of Engineering in Computing in 2011, I joined Cisco Systems as a Software Engineer. My second professional relationship was with TTH Consulting in Ahmedabad, where I worked as an Application Developer. There I was part of a team which developed cross platform mobile applications for iOS and Android, and I also worked on Windows Phone native app development.

After that I joined MCS Solutions, Hyderabad, as a Mobile Developer. There my responsibility was to contribute with my skills to convert the company’s real estate and facility management products into mobile versions for the Android and iOS platforms.

I have now joined Kalmstrom Software as a Mobile App Developer. Along with JavaScript Developer Sharad Verma, I develop Mobile apps of the brand Business Solutions for the iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.

We develop the apps in the Cordova/Phonegap framework using the web technologies HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and also the AngularJS framework to develop these Single page applications.

Interests and hobbies 
In time of leisure I listen to soft music, and I like reading books on leadership, self development and mythology and biographies of great leaders. Some of my favorites are The Alchemist, Manuscript found in Accra, Biography of Swami Vivekananda, The monk who sold his Ferrari, Many lives many masters and Jaya, which is the core portion of the ancient Sanskrit epic Mahabharata.
Madhur Trivedi speaking

Public speaking and presenting is another interest I have. I believe that I am a good presenter, and when I explain something people listen to it carefully and understand. I can instill knowledge in others through my words.

Family and personal life
My father is a senior branch manager in Bank of Baroda, and my mother is a housewife. I have two younger brothers who are studying.

Due to my father’s work I have lived in many states in India, like Gujarat, Chattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh and my native state Madhya Pradesh. I did my Bachelor of Engineering in Haryana state and went to Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh for work.

In a country as diverse as India I find that people everywhere are very similar even if they are different in culture and language. I received a lot of experience and learning by living at many places.

To stay fit, I use to jog daily in the morning. My integrity and honesty are my strengths. I try to work with full perfection. "I am the master of my fate and I am the captain of my soul".

Madhur Trivedi
Mobile App Developer Business Solutions

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