21 April 2015

Delhi Sights Shared By QA

Neha photo 1 QA Engineer Neha Gupta Kaushal continues her story about the journey she went on together with her husband.

Last week I told you about the Himalayan part of our journey and about our first meeting with snow. Those days were mostly play and fun, but the visit to the Indian capital gave other kinds of impressions.

Old Delhi has been inhabited for well over 2000 years, and through most of its history it has been a capital of various kingdoms and empires. The Parliament is situated in the newer part, New Delhi. This means that Delhi has many historic monuments, gardens, museums and galleries, and we tried to see as many of them as possible.

I admire all the historical places we saw, but here I want to show photos from two comparatively modern buildings: the imposing Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Museum and the beautiful Lotus temple. If you ever come to Delhi I also recommend that you visit the India Gate, the Red Fort, the Nehru Place and the Qutub Minar.

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I am sure you have heard about Mahatma Gandhi, who led the Indian independence movement from 1915 to 1947, when India became a free country. His non-violent methods and his ideas about equality between all people, regardless of gender or religion, have inspired people all over the world.

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The Lotus Temple is marvelous, and I can understand why it is one of the most visited buildings in the world. It is a House of Worship for the Baha'i religion, but it is open for people of all faiths. In India we have so many different landscapes, lifestyles, cultures and religions, and that makes me love India more and more when I visit different parts of the country.

Happy couple
After our amazing trip we both realized that our relationship had suffered too often in our fast-paced daily routine. Now, when we have spent quality time together and experienced many new things, we are feeling closer to each other and our relationship has become stronger.

The vacation was rejuvenating, and we returned stress free. Now I can focus on the new SharePoint Solution, SP Attach, with many good memories boosting me.

Neha Gupta Kaushal
QA Engineer Business Solutions

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