26 February 2015

SharePoint Managed Metadata - Import Term Set

SharePoint logoIn a new SharePoint tutorial in the Tips section I describe how to import a list of metadata to SharePoint using a free third party macro-enabled Excel template.

Information about information
Metadata is often described as information about information. The SharePoint Search will give more exact and accurate data if everyone add metadata to items when they create them, but for this to work well there must be a specified list of metadata to choose from.

Managed metadata
Such centrally pre-defined metadata is called managed metadata. This collection of centrally managed terms that should be used as metadata is managed by a Term Store administrator, who organizes them into a hierarchical term set.

Import to Term Store
In the Tips article I show how to import metadata to the term store. This is done with the help of a macro-enabled Excel template, created by another Swedish SharePoint expert, Wictor Wilén. He created it for SharePoint and Excel 2010, but it works just as well with the 2013 versions, both on-premise and SharePoint Online. Thank you, Wictor!

The demo below is rather summary, but in the Tips article about import of metadata I give links to more detailed information.

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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