19 January 2015

Outlook Time Reporting Add-on Supports Russian

TimeCard for Outlook logotypeTimeCard Workgroup for Outlook has been updated today. This Outlook add-on now supports Russian, in addition to the earlier eleven languages. After a user request we also made a change in the reporting grid that will simplify changes made right before reporting.

All versions updated
TimeCard for SharePoint logotypeLast week I told you about the new versions of TimeCard for SharePoint and TimeCard Single, so now all three TimeCard versions support Russian and have had some other enhancements.

Last minute changes
TimeCard users tag their Outlook calendar appointments with information about customer, task, project or similar. Thus the appointments are converted into time sheets, and hours can be reported directly from Outlook to an Access or SQL Server database.

When TimeCard users want to enter additional hours they can do that in the reporting dialog right before reporting. Earlier you had to click on the Save button to save these changes before reporting. It happened that users forgot to save, and then their additional time was not reported to the database. In the new version you can just click OK to both save the changes and report hours and expenses.
TimeCard reporting dialog

Next version will sync
Today's update was just minor, but I hope that next release of TimeCard Workgroup will be a major one. Next step is to add SharePoint as a sharing option beside the databases and to make TimeCard Workgroup synchronize with TimeCard for SharePoint when that SharePoint sharing option is selected. Then you can use both these versions together and make use of the version that is most suitable for each occasion.

Downloads upgrade icon Upgrades are included in the Subscriptions. The Premium subscribers have already received their own updated copies of TimeCard Workgroup, and subscribers on the lower subscription levels are welcome to download the standard solution and upgrade their installations.

TimeCard evaluation icon Evaluators may download and test TimeCard Workgroup for 30 days. Please contact us if you have questions!

Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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