07 January 2015

"My Open Tasks" On The SharePoint Home Page

SharePoint icon SharePoint web parts can be used for adding almost anything to a SharePoint page. A Content Search web part can be customized so that it lets each team member reach his or her open tasks directly from the team site home page.

My open tasks
In a new article in the Tips section I describe step by step how to create a "My open tasks" web part on a SharePoint page. A search query searches for tasks in all site collections and adds the open tasks assigned to the current user in that web part.

My open tasks lists in SharePoint

Customized search
The addition of  "My open tasks" is done in two steps. First you need to add the Content Search web part. However, that will give you a display of recently changed items on the current site, and that is not what we want here.

To get the search query to look for the current user's open tasks in all site collections, we need to modify it. The Build Your Query dialog has a test button, so it is easy to check if you are doing the right thing.  Therefore you may find my demo useful even if you want to display something else in the Content Search web part.

Search tips
The Tips section currently has 51 tips articles about various aspects of SharePoint 2013, from basic to advanced. I am a Microsoft certified SharePoint expert and trainer, and I am happy to share my knowledge. You are welcome to browse around!

Kanban style tasks cooperation
Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint logotypeWhen you need to cooperate on tasks and projects I suggest that you take a look at the SharePoint Solution Kanban Task Manager.

Each work group can have its own installation of  Kanban Task Manager in SharePoint, where tasks can be dragged and dropped between phases as the work proceeds. Managers can navigate among the installations to supervise the processes.

Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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