04 December 2014

SharePoint Study Manager Exercises And Tasks

Study Manager for SharePoint logotypeI have earlier told you about our new solution that will help teachers publish study material on a SharePoint team site, where students can use it for self studies. Today I can show you some screenshots that explain how Study Manager will work. Please click on the images below to see them in full size.

Study Manager is nothing but a cleverly constructed shell that can be filled with any kind of content. Any school, organization or company that need to educate a group of people may install Study Manager on a team site, fill it with exercises and tasks and let students use it for teacher controlled self studies.

Study Manager student view

Exercises and tasks
The students work with exercises and tasks in SharePoint, and in the image above you can see how it might look: after reading a text about dolphins, the student is presented with various tasks connected to that text. The tasks are shown one at a time below or to the right of the text, depending on screen size.

Edit mode
Below is the same exercise with its tasks in the way teachers see it when adding or editing content. The instruction field can be formatted, and it may contain text, images, videos or links. The exercise may also have an attached file that the student can work with and send to the teacher for comments.

The "Dolphin" Exercise is connected to the Chapter "Animals", and it has three tasks of different types: multiple choice questions, select the correct alternatives and listen to sound. More tasks can be added directly from the exercise form. The teacher who created this exercise selected to randomize in which order the tasks should be shown, but the sequence can also be set.

Study Manager teacher view

This was a first glimps of how Study Manager is integrated in SharePoint. The screenshots come from Office 365 SharePoint Online, but Study Manager will work with any type of SharePoint 2013 or 2010. I will soon come back with more information!

Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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