29 December 2014

Outlook HelpDesk Tickets From Tasks And Appointments

Folder HelpDesk logoWith Folder HelpDesk for Outlook you can convert e-mails into incident tickets and collaborate on them inside Outlook. For manual e-mail conversion there is a button in the Mail view, and in the update released last week we have also added conversion buttons in the Calendar and Task views.

Structured incident management
When a support team - or any other group of people - cooperates on keeping track of, solving and answering error reports, help requests or other information, the work will be more efficient if the issues are shared and handled in a structured way.

Folder HelpDesk
is an Outlook add-on for such a structured incident management, and as there are many ways to customize Folder HelpDesk it can be adapted to all kinds of companies and organizations.

Convert tasks and appointments into tickets
In an earlier blog post I showed the new Folder HelpDesk responsive ticket form. With a click on a button, Folder HelpDesk can convert such a ticket into an Outlook task, which is convenient when incidents should be handled.

However, sometimes you might want to do the other way around and convert a task into a ticket. That is no problem in the latest version of Folder HelpDesk, as it has a conversion buttons in both the Task view and the Calendar view.
The Folder HelpDesk ribbon group in the Outlook calendar view

The Folder HelpDesk ribbon group
The Folder HelpDesk ribbon group looks the same in all views. Apart from the conversion button there is a shortcut to the Folder HelpDesk Outlook folder, where you have the ticket list and can work with the tickets in many ways. If a converted e-mail, task or appointment is selected, there is also a button that opens the ticket associated with that e-mail/task/appointment.
The Folder HelpDesk ribbon group in Inbox, Calendar and Task view
Cached Exchange Mode
A problem with the Cached Exchange Mode were solved a few months ago, and even if it has not been a big problem for Folder HelpDesk we have of course implemented the solution in the new version.

Exchange 2013 logoWe have earlier updated Calendar Browser for Outlook and HelpDesk OSP for Outlook and SharePoint with this solution, so now all products that can be used with Exchange also support the Cached Mode.

More enhancements
With nearly 15 years on the market, Folder HelpDesk is one of the most mature Solutions. It is used by organizations all over the world, and a few of them have very complicated environments that can  make Folder HelpDesk behave in a less desirable way now and then. We have therefore gone through the code and made changes that will minimize the risk for errors in those environments.

Subscription Subscription iconWe prefer a subscription model for the licensing of the Solutions, because our aim is not to sell as many copies as possible.

Instead, the first goal for the team is to keep the customers we already have, and we achieve that by making changes that enhance their experience of our products and by giving free upgrades and support.

Upgrade - or try upgrade iconFolder HelpDesk subscribers are welcome to upgrade their installations. Have you not tried the issue tracking add-on yet, you may evaluate Folder HelpDesk for 30 days with our full support but without any obligations from your side.

Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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