02 December 2014

Create Promoted SharePoint Links

We have all seen the tile links on the start pages of new SharePoint 2013 team sites. They look good and are useful for links that you want to promote a bit extra – which is why they are called "promoted links"!

In a new article in the Tips section I show how to add a promoted links app to a SharePoint page.

Default promoted links in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint Links series
The Tips article about promoted links is the seventh in my series on SharePoint links. In an earlier article I described how to create SharePoint image links, but I did not include the promoted links. It thought this new feature in SharePoint 2013 was worth its own demo and Tips article.

Add an app
add an app iconWhen you are using SharePoint 2013 you will soon learn that "add an app" is what you do almost every time you need to create something. There are a lot of out-of-the-box apps, and one of them is the promoted links app.

Add links
The default tiles on a new team site have promoted links to actions that the administrator performs when building a new SharePoint site, like sharing the site, adding a logo to it and changing the default theme.

When you create your own promoted links, you probably want to use them in another way. As the tiles are so catching, they are suitable for pages or lists that should be easy to reach for all users and not only for the administrator.

Add images
The tiles of the default promoted links have background images, and if you want to have that on your own promoted links you should upload the images to your SharePoint Site Assets library. Then you can copy the path to each image and paste it in the promoted links app.

Insert App Part button
Add like any web part
The promoted links app can be added to any SharePoint site in the same way as other web parts, even if it is called an "app" in SharePoint 2013. In edit mode, click on the App Part button under the Insert tab in the SharePoint ribbon. Select the promoted links app you have created, and that's it!

In the Tips article about promoted links I am giving more details, and there is also a step by step description on how to create your own tiles.

Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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