25 November 2014

SP Archive Handles SharePoint Survey Lists

SP Archive for SharePoint logotypeLast week we published a new SharePoint solution for customized archiving. We call it SP Archive, and it handles all kinds of SharePoint lists – including surveys.

SharePoint Survey
A SharePoint survey list enables you to create multiple choice, fill-in fields or rating questions that you want other team members to answer. The answers are of course given in the same list, and the survey list also helps you summarize the results.
SharePoint Survey app

SharePoint list limit
Surveys can be very useful, and often you want to store the results so that it is possible to review them later. However, the SharePoint list view limit of 5000 rows will eventually give you problems if you keep the data in SharePoint. The best option is to archive the surveys in a database.

Survey archive problem solved
Most lists can be archived to an Access database directly from SharePoint, but you cannot do that with surveys. SP Archive solves that issue, as the Solution can archive SharePoint surveys in the same way as all other lists.

Database choice
SP Archive gives a choice of Access and SQL Server database, which is an advantage even for lists where export to Access is possible. For big organizations with much data, the more powerful SQL Server database is a better option than Access.

SharePoint Archiving to Access or SQL Server database

Column choice
Another benefit of  SP Archive is the selection possibilities. This means that you can decide what parts of the list you want to archive. Maybe you don't need to keep all columns in the survey?

Subscribe subscription iconSP Archive is free for organizations who are already subscribing to a SharePoint Solution: HelpDesk OSP for Outlook and SharePoint, Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint or TimeCard for SharePoint. And if you are not a Subscriber already, you are welcome to subscribe to only SP Archive.

Try SP Archive download iconBut first you should try SP Archive. We allow a 30 days evaluation of the full product, and when you decide to use SP Archive no re-installation or re-configuration is necessary. You can just subscribe to SP Archive, register it and continue archiving SharePoint surveys and any other SharePoint lists.

Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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