05 November 2014

From Skype to Lync

Microsoft Lync logotypeCommunication is a key factor for business success, and as I have wide experience from Microsoft’s communication platform Lync I have recorded a demo of the most interesting features.

You can watch the demo below and also in a new Tips article on the website.

Similar to Skype
Microsoft Lync is a communications platform with many similarities to Skype. However, while Skype is used by individuals all over the world, Lync has been developed primarily for business use.

I was a Product Manager at Skype from 2005 to 2010. At that time Skype and Microsoft were competitors, so even if my major area was the Skype toolbars, another task was to keep track of Lync capabilities.

Lync connects
Virtual connections
Lync gives secure communication between customers, colleagues, suppliers and partners over the internet. It is compatible with many different devices, so it allows users to work from wherever they want.

Document and Program sharing
For the last few years I have been teaching Lync as part of my Office 365-courses, and my students are often impressed by the Lync possibility to share documents and programs online. Both parties can of course see the document or program, but that is not all because both can actually work on it too.

Lync discussion
The enhanced Lync conversations also include a feature that has become my favorite: the whiteboard. In the demo below I am showing how to use the whiteboard to discuss a floor plan. The whiteboard discussions will be even more useful if you also record them, and that is another Lync possibility.

In the Tips article about Microsoft Lync we give an outline of all that is described in the demo below. I hope you will find it useful!

Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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