21 October 2014

Archive SharePoint List Items With New Solution

SP Archive for SharePoint logotypeSharePoint lists cannot contain an unlimited number of items, so for a sustainable data management, organizations need to archive old or unused data that cannot be deleted.  To help organizations handle the archiving in an efficient way, is developing a new solution SP Archive. Today the documentation work has come so far that I can show a demo on how SP Archive works.

Customized archiving to database
The best storage option for archived SharePoint list items is a database, and SP Archive supports both the Access and SQL Server database. Often all fields and items don't have to be archived, and with SP Archive you can select exactly which items and fields should be archived at each occasion.

Kanban Task Manager
Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint logotypeThe SharePoint version of Kanban Task Manager allows teams to work with projects and tasks on a kanban board in SharePoint. Color coded tasks are dragged between phases as work on a project proceeds.

When Kanban Task Manager has been used for a while many of the tasks have been finished. Kanban Task Manager can hide any phase from the kanban board, and many teams choose to hide the finished phase. These tasks can still be used in the Kanban Task Manager Excel reports.

Eventually, when there are many finished tasks and projects, most organizations want to archive them. However, an ordinary workflow cannot be used with the Kanban Task Manager task list, so that was the original reason for developing SP Archive. We soon decided to create a powerful tool for all SharePoint users. SharePoint Solutions HelpDesk OSP icon Business Solutions has more products for SharePoint. The first one was HelpDesk OSP, an add-on that connects Outlook and SharePoint and makes it possible to create SharePoint list items directly from Outlook. TimeCard icon
Recently we published TimeCard for SharePoint, a time tracking solution for SharePoint calendars. Two more SharePoint solutions are under development, but I will save them for later blog posts.

SP Archive can of course be used with all these products, and we have decided to let it be free for subscribers to a SharePoint Solution. Organizations who are not subscribers can subscribe to SP Archive separately.

Released soon
The development of SP Archive is finished, and the solution is now in the testing, bug fixing and documentation phase. We hope to release it by the end of this month or in the beginning of November. In the meantime you are welcome to watch the demo!

Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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