25 September 2014

Mars Orbiting Success For India

Early Wednesday morning an Indian space probe entered the orbit around Mars. I congratulate India to this achievement and let one of our proud Indian team members, Rituka Rimza, tell the story.
Rituka Rimza image
The 24 of September 2014 is a memorable day for all Indians, because that day India became the first country to successfully get a spacecraft into the Mars orbit on the first attempt. Early in the morning the Indian Space Research Organization's Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) spacecraft started orbiting the red planet.
Mars landscape
Long wait
MOM departed from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre on the 5 November 2013, so the scientists had waited for more than 300 days while MOM journeyed on through space.

The last 54 minutes were virtually unbearable. It was during this period the orbiter first reoriented itself and then fired its engine and thrusters for about 24 minutes to get into the Mars orbit. Now it will work there for the next 6 months and try to solve so far unsolved mysteries.
Indian Space Center Staff
Life on Mars?
When the 1350 kg spacecraft has been fixed into the planet's circumference, MOM's actual mission will begin.It will study the planet's surface and minerals and search for the presence of methane in the atmosphere . It will help the scientifics to understand the possibilities of living life on Mars.

Low cost
I think it is amazing that the success could be possible at a very low cost. Space travels are always discussed and questioned, because they are so expensive and high-profile.

The Indian cost is 70 million dollars, only a few cents on each Indian. The US spacecraft that is also orbiting Mars cost at least ten times as much. The Indian mission is actually cheaper than any other mission.

First images
The special spacecraft tools are developed in India and run by electricity generated from solar panels. MUM has now started its work and has sent the first spectacular images today.
Mars image
This photo was published on MOMs own Twitter account with the text "The view is nice up here". Note that this is a real photo – not like the wallpaper above. I think it is only a first glimpse. There will be lots of surprises during the coming months.

Rituka Rimza
Technical Writer Trainee Business Solutions

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