07 August 2014

SharePoint Resource Booking Solution By New Senior Developer

Today I am happy to lend this space to our new senior developer, Shahnawaz Khan. With his inventiveness and problem solving skills he has already proved to be a valuable member of the team. You will all see what he can achieve when we release Calendar Browser for SharePoint. Welcome, Shahnawaz!

Shahnawaz Khan photo I want to thank our CEO Peter Kalmstrom for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself. I also want to thank Jayant Rimza, the Lead Developer. He knows my potential, and that is why I am now a part of the team.

IT Professional studies
My father wanted me to become a doctor, as he himself has been a medical practitioner in my home town Ujjain for about 30 years and still is doing good. But I had something different in mind: I wanted to become an IT professional.

I have a Master of Computer Application exam from the RAI University in New Delhi and a NIIT certification in web applications. At NIIT I learnt HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, C-Sharp, SQL Server and the Microsoft Office suite. Because of my quick learning skills, I got my first opportunity to work as a software engineer as early as in 2006, while I was still a student.

Freelance and employed
After my MCA exam in 2008 I moved to Indore and started freelancing for various Indian companies. This helped me to better understand what clients want and how to finish a project after starting it from scratch. In early 2011 I took a full time job in an Indore based company.

I joined the team as a Senior Software Developer two months ago. I am very happy with the office ambience, and I like that I am given the freedom to plan my work as I find best.

TimeCard for SharePoint logotypeAt I have assisted in the development of the new TimeCard version, TimeCard for SharePoint. TimeCard is our time reporting solution, and there is already a workgroup and a single version for the Outlook calendar. We hope to soon release the new SharePoint version.

Calendar Browser
Calendar Browser for SharePoint logotypeI also have my own project: I am responsible for the development of a SharePoint version of our resource booking solution Calendar Browser, which will be released later this year. I am grateful for this opportunity to cooperate with, and learn from, a SharePoint expert like Peter Kalmstrom.

Close family
I have a small but big-hearted family that encourages me to pursue whatever I want in my life. My mother is a house-wife, and she has always been there for me, my younger brother and my elder sister. They are both happily married now, and I have three nephews with whom I spend my weekends.

I am likely to get married soon. My fiancé, Shehnaz, is currently pursuing a fashion designing course in Ujjain. The photo below is from our engagement. The man in the white shirt is my father, and behind us are my brother and sister-in-law and two of the nephews.
Engagement photo
Sports fan
I am very interested in watching sports like Formula 1 racing, football, tennis, snooker and cricket, and I love to drive my bike when it's raining. At college I played football and cricket.

Learning new things and stay updated in my field is one of my passions and something that I do on a daily basis. I always enjoy accepting new challenges and getting them done within a timeframe. I tend to do things with great confidence, and that helps me achieve my target without any barriers. I think I can do anything – almost!

I am looking forward to pursue my career at Business Solutions for a long time. It will help me achieve greater heights in my career and learn new things, because our CEO is always keen on doing things in a different and innovative way with emerging technologies.

Shahnawaz Khan
Senior Software Developer Business Solutions

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