05 August 2014

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SharePoint logoSharePoint would not work without hyperlinks, and you can get much more out of the platform if you know what linking possibilities SharePoint gives. I am therefore recording a series of demos on SharePoint links, and you can see the first one below.

SharePoint Tips
The Tips section was created as a service to subscribers of the Solutions, which are built to enhance Office and/or SharePoint. As the number of articles has grown, this section of our website has become popular also outside our subscriber Community.

Most often I do the recording myself, and then other members of the team help me edit the demos and write Tips articles about them. A Tips article usually contains a step by step instruction, while the blog post I write about my demo is more of reasoning around the subject. My intention is that the article and the post should complement each other.
SharePoint Quick Launch link and URL
SharePoint Links Intro
In the introduction to the SharePoint Links tutorials I talk about he importance of hyperlinks, also called links, URLs, web addresses and anchors in SharePoint and other web-based systems. I use SharePoint 2013 in the demo, but most of what I show is applicable to SharePoint 2010 too. Below is the demo, and you can find more info in the Tips article about the SharePoint Links series.

Future SharePoint Link Tips
So far we are planning the following tutorials in the SharePoint link series:

SharePoint Folder/File Links: How to create a link that points to a folder or a file in a file system.

SharePoint Image Links: How to link an image. I also show how to create a nice-looking button image in PowerPoint.

SharePoint Navigation Links: How to manipulate the navigation links in the Quick Launch/Current Navigation and the Top Link Bar/Global Navigation.

SharePoint WikiLinks: How to use the Wiki-functionality in SharePoint 2013 (and 2010) to create links within a SharePoint team site. I show linking to existing pages, new pages, lists, libraries and items.

SharePoint HTML Map: How to make an image with clickable regions. This type of image is called HTML map or hotspots image, and in my example I use it as a site map. I create the HTML map in SharePoint Designer 2010 and insert the result in a SharePoint 2013 site page.

My contacts with customers, visitors, followers and participants in my SharePoint courses continuously inspire me to new tutorials, so more SharePoint links related demos may follow. They will all be gathered under a SharePoint Links entry in the table of contents of the Tips section.

Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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