18 August 2014

SharePoint Image Links

SharePoint logo In the third Tips article about SharePoint links I am describing how to upload an image to SharePoint and make it a button link. Any images can be used as SharePoint links, but I preferred to show how to create a new image in PowerPoint.

Text or image links?
A SharePoint page with a number of text links will look rather boring, and it might also take a few seconds to find the link you need. When you let each link be represented by an image, users will often find the right link quicker than if they have to read text. Images need more space, but that disadvantage is not always important.

PowerPoint image
PowerPoint iconYou can upload any image to SharePoint and transform it into a button by adding a link. If you don't have a suitable image, it is easy to create one in PowerPoint. Once you are satisfied with the image, save it as a picture and upload it to the SharePoint site.

At uploading the image will be saved in the Site Asset library of the site you are using. It will also be inserted on the SharePoint page you are editing, at the spot where you have placed the mouse cursor.

Link from SharePoint or Address
The image link can be inserted in two ways. In the demo I copy the path from an address, and this method can be used for all kinds of links.

When you want to link to another place in the same site collection, you may also use the "from Sharepoint" option and select the SharePoint item you want to link to.

Tips articles
All tutorials on SharePoint and other Microsoft platforms are gathered in the Tips section of our website, and the SharePoint links articles have a common entry in the table of contents.

In the Tips article about SharePoint image links you can find two step by step descriptions: how to create an image button in PowerPoint, and how to upload an image to SharePoint and link it.

Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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