14 August 2014

Outlook Resource Descriptions For Correct Bookings

Calendar Browser logo When you want to reserve a room, a car or some other resource, a description makes it easier to decide what resource to book. With the Outlook add-on Calendar Browser, you can create or link to such descriptions and help users to book the resource that is right for them.

Book resources in the Outlook calendar
In Calendar Browser you have a separate calendar for each of your company’s resources, and you can book the a resource by making an appointment in the desired calendar on the required date and time.

Describe resources
One of the advantages of Calendar Browser is that you can create elaborate descriptions of each resource. By adding images, links and text to the resource descriptions, you can make it easy for users to decide what resource will be best for them at each booking.
Calendar Browser settings, calendar tab

In the Calendar Browser settings, the resource descriptions may be added in two ways:
  • URL: Specify the path to an existing description.
  • HTML: There are two ways to describe resource calendars using HTML.
    • HTML Editor: In the Calendar Browser HTML editor you can enter the content without worrying about HTML syntax. The editor has buttons for things like inserting images and formatting text, so it is easy to use even for a person who is not familiar with HTML coding.
    • HTML Code: When you are well-acquainted with HTML code, you can either write the code directly in the HTML editor or paste existing HTML code into it.
See descriptions
When you want to see the description of a particular resource, select the calendar of that resource and click on the Description button in the Calendar Browser ribbon group in Outlook. Whatever you have added to the resource calendar description will be displayed in a new window.
Calendar Browser resource description in Outlook
For more information, please watch the Calendar Browser Descriptions demonstration below and read about Calendar Browser on

Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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